Production Resumes

From June 1st, we are back to manufacturing at the Pink Studio. 

We're so happy to be able to back making all your orders again.

What's new...

Fizzy fluoro citrus check in our old favourite Wide Jumpsuit and Trouser styles...

Screen Shot 2019-03-15 at 10.43.33.png

On Location ...

Take a look at Stalf photoshoots through the years.

The Pink Studio

Read about our Pink Studio in Lincolnshire, UK

the place where every Stalf garment is manufactured

 and see the women who made your clothes.


Stalf ...

for Pregnancy!

I've said it many times- we're not a maternity brand, and none of our products have been designed specifically for pregnancy...

They just happen to work really well as an accompaniment to that particular journey. 


The Perfect Fit...


Finding the right garment is one thing.

Getting your ideal fit is the next.

We asked a bunch of our wonderful customers what their Stalf size is

and photographed them wearing their favourite pieces to help you make the perfect selection.

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