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The way we create our clothing is important to us.

It's at the core of every decision we make.

In this space we want to take the time to break down the choices we make everyday to ensure the Stalf is a business contributing positively to the slow fashion space.

Design and Waste

We handmake every single Stalf garment (from start to finish) under one roof. Each garment is designed, hand-cut, sewn, finished, pressed and packed here at our Pink Studio in Lincolnshire, UK.


We manufacture your order on demand. This keeps waste stock to an absolute minimum and means we only process what we use.


We choose not to adhere to the traditional fashion calendar, and instead slowly evolve our offering over time. Sometimes a new collection can be years in the making. Sometimes our like-minded, small suppliers have limited edition fabrics we can put into production in a matter of weeks. This is the joy of small business - flexibility is part of our strength.


Each garment is multifunctional and is designed to transcend seasons, trends and age.


Each fabric we select has its own merits and story to tell. Take a look at the individual product pages to find out more about particular fabrics.

We save all fabric offcuts and waste scraps generated as a by-product of our process here at the Pink Studio. Most can be used to cut pockets/small parts of our product/can be used in future production. We also work with local sewing groups who give our fabric scraps a new lease of life with their projects. For those scraps that are too small for this, we save and pay to store them. When we've built up enough quantity, we pay for our scraps to be collected and repurposed by a zero-to-landfill recycling company. 


Our tiny team is the beating heart of the brand. Every Stalf garment is handmade, in-house.

We operate the equivalent of a 4 day week. This means every Stalf employee works until just after 3pm and is paid until 5pm, for each day they work (some are part-time, some are full time, all benefit.)


Every Stalf employee receives their statutory holiday allowance (in accordance with their contract) and also receives a bonus, paid, 2 week holiday at Christmas (on top of this allowance.)


We embrace flexible working to support each staff member’s individual needs.

All Stalf staff members are paid the living wage or above.

All Staff members have the support of an enhanced maternity package.

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