The Pink Studio

Once upon a time, in a sleepy town in the Lincolnshire countryside,

a girl sat in her tiny pink studio designing, cutting and sewing clothes.

Her head was full of garments yet to be drawn, fabric yet to be cut, clothing yet to be stitched

and the wonderful people she hoped would be part of her journey.

She sat on her own, often into the small hours and the work was lonely.

Sometimes she wondered if people would even take notice of her work, had the decisions she'd made been foolish?

Would she be able to build all the ideas in her head into a reality?


But she knew she was working to grow something special and she had faith that she'd not be alone in her pink studio for too much longer. 

Sure enough, within a few months she was no longer working by herself.

Beside her in her little space, someone else was busy cutting the fabric.

A little while longer and three women sat sewing, cutting and making the clothing.

Slowly, one girl became many.

The girl was me, Paris and this story began four years ago in the Spring of 2015 when "Stalf" was born, I launched the Cocoon Jumpsuit

and painted our first studio pink.

That's the original pink studio, in the pictures above.

The space really was tiny, and we loved it so much, but outgrew its walls very quickly.

I'm sat typing today in our current studio, the paint is still pink the same as before, but the space is much bigger and our team has grown considerably.

Today we have eight women who work to design, research, cut, sew, check, press and pack your new Stalf.

I feel that this is still the very beginning of the Stalf journey and so much more is yet to unfold ahead of us.

But for now I present to you...

the Pink Studio and the wonderful women who made your clothes. 

The Stalf Team

We believe the manufacturing process is something to be valued and shared. The way we work is something we are very proud of.

Every single one of our garments is researched, designed, hand-cut and made from scratch by Team Stalf, here at our Pink Studio in Lincolnshire, UK.

Some of the women who work here at Stalf were friends of friends, some were customers who loved our process and craved a change to their day to day.

Some found us in the midst of personal struggle and we were able to create a role for them. Others found us on social media. 

Slowly, we've grown.  

Every member of our team is paid above the living wage.

When they come to work they know they'll be safe, they know their employer cares about them.

Their opinion is important. They work in a light, friendly environment.

Music is always playing, someone is always laughing. The kettle is always on.

The choices we've (always) made to ensure that the way we manufacture our product is traceable and transparent are full of significance for our customers and team members alike and this process has always been at the very heart of our company.


We want it to stay that way.


We'll continue to evolve in a slow and purposeful way,

handmaking our clothing and promoting change as part of our sustainable fashion industry.  

If you're reading this, it's more than likely that you care deeply about the way the products you buy were manufactured.

You're interested in supporting independent perhaps? You're conscious that a movement towards a fairer, more sustainable fashion industry is important.

Or maybe you just love our Cocoon Jumpsuits?

Either way, your choices steer the course we all travel along.

Thank you for choosing Stalf.


About Me

I'm Paris, designer and founder of Stalf. 

Here's a brief history of my journey, because it informed what Stalf has become.

I grew up in the Lincolnshire countryside. In my early 20's I moved to London to study Fashion Design and follow my dreams.

The fashion industry was not the same as I imagined- I was underwhelmed and disconnected. I felt like it was all frivolous and shallow, (which, when I was younger, thought I wouldn't mind or might even enjoy) but underneath all the froth it was also intrinsically flawed, unsustainable and unfair. I

relocated back home via a string of internships and placements, some I loved, some I loathed. I learned from them all.


I moved back to Lincolnshire, and began working on Stalf as a way to restore my fascination with fashion and the creativity of an industry I'd fallen out of love with. I wanted to slow down, back in the sleepy Lincolnshire Wolds and away from the fast pace of London, I began to feel like myself again.

I wanted to think about the process of fashion, and connect with how clothing is made,

and by whom- at this time most of us never questioned the backstory.

Now, a few years along the journey, and with a strong beginning to the brand, my design focus is rooted not in what is popular this season, but the women who are buying my clothes... What do they do in them? How do they feel in them? 

I make clothes that women can live in everyday, with a team who cares in the same way I do, all the while sharing our process.



The Story Behind

the Name...

Watch our brand video and learn about the generation that inspired Stalf.