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The Love List - November 26, 2021

1. Wearing

Lightweight Linen (in Winter!)

An homage to our lightweight linen pieces in Winter. Here's to wearing your Stalf all year round!

My tips are- layer, layer, layer, play with contrasting textures, keep proportions balanced, and use colour to both break up an outfit and tie it all in.

See below for my fave ideas.

2. Following

Hannah Carpenter

(@hannahacarpenter on instagram)

She's beautiful, stylish, witty and I adore following her family life over on Instagram (plus her house is lush!)

(all images above were taken from Hannah Carpenter's instagram.)

3. Motivator

Moments in the shop. Sparkles from the chandelier on the walls, the smell of our Stalf candles burning, fairy lights twinkling. Makes me so happy that we took this step, proud that we have this space and excited for what we'll create next.