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The Love List - November 26, 2021

1. Wearing

Lightweight Linen (in Winter!)

An homage to our lightweight linen pieces in Winter. Here's to wearing your Stalf all year round!

My tips are- layer, layer, layer, play with contrasting textures, keep proportions balanced, and use colour to both break up an outfit and tie it all in.

See below for my fave ideas.

2. Following

Hannah Carpenter

(@hannahacarpenter on instagram)

She's beautiful, stylish, witty and I adore following her family life over on Instagram (plus her house is lush!)

(all images above were taken from Hannah Carpenter's instagram.)

3. Motivator

Moments in the shop. Sparkles from the chandelier on the walls, the smell of our Stalf candles burning, fairy lights twinkling. Makes me so happy that we took this step, proud that we have this space and excited for what we'll create next.

4. Comfort

Betty Crocker GF packet brownies with a whole tin of custard poured over the top. Get some cracking (preferably trashy) tv on. Feet must be up on pouffe. Ideal November situ.

5. View

Christmas at The Pink Studio.

Over the last week, we've been sprinkling some festive magic over the studio.

It started with the ladies from Coco in the Country, weaving their christmassy magic in a glorious arch round our front door. Inspired, we dug out our disco balls and fairy lights, and dressed the window in our glitziest display. The icing on the cake was our beautiful Christmassy-scribble across the windows- a sprinkling of Mistletoe, snowflakes and stars, and our first display is twinkling, ready for the festive season.

6. Indulgence

Perhaps it's the change in the season, perhaps it's the fact that we've got a year (and a half) of catching up to do, perhaps it's the fact that a new cocktail bar has just opened on my actual street, but I've been indulging in more than a few Pornstar Martinis of late, and I like it!

7. Wisdom

Something has been aligning for me recently. Bit by bit, slowly, slowly.

I had both my children really close together (currently one has just turned 4 and the other is almost 2) and only just now the sleep depravation is starting to ease (dare I even write that?) My children are becoming more independent as and when it feels comfortable for them. They're playing together, communicating independently with each other, they create their own games and imaginative worlds that they immerse themselves in all by themselves.

For the first time in just over 4 years, I feel like I'm slowly raising my head above the parapet and tentatively rediscovering the way life will work for me now.

What is my routine?

Who are my friends?

Where does my time and energy deserve to be spent?

...and most importantly

What do I need and how do I make absolutely sure I give that to myself?

Of course, this experience has been hugely compounded by the global pandemic over the last 18 months- there have been long periods where (I realise now) I didn't know if I was coming or going, was flying by the seat of my pants, powered by sugar and adrenaline. Now, with these months behind us, the liberally used phrase "the new normal" has a dual poignance for me.

...but this new space feels nice. I'm creating again. I'm noticing small details and moments and taking great pleasure in them (take a look at my "moments captured, my weekly photodump" feature.) I feel like I have a moment here to stop and take stock. Huge, seismic changes took place for me over the last four years- growing and birthing children, caring for small humans, moving the business (twice), growing a workforce and then navigating that workforce through a global pandemic, opening our first shop. It's all been huge.

Right now, I'm entering a time to remain steady and assess this place I'm in. In both my personal and professional life. I'm relishing a moment here to iron out metaphorical creases and pay attention to the areas of life and work which need adjusting or subtly shifting, and it feels great.

Allowing myself to be acutely aware of the phase of life I'm in is so valuable to me, it helps me to be hyper-present and committed to the current moment rather than spending too much time reflecting on what's gone or what I'm manifesting for the future.

8. Self Care

Quiet moments in a comfy chair with my book, a coffee and the pup.

9. Lusting After

If Only If Nightdress. Saw this brand on Charlotte Jacklin's Gift Guide (head over and look if you haven't already, I'd like it all!) and haven't stopped thinking about this gorgeous (night)dress.

10. Grateful for

Our Pink Studio, and the space we've created for our happy business.


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