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The Love List - August 2021

1. Wearing

Wide Trousers

The last few weeks have felt more Autumn than August. Allow me introduce you to the perfect transitional item and the shape I've been leaning towards more often than not this month.

2. Following

Charlotte Jacklin, especially over on instagram.

I've been following Charlotte for aaaaaages now (she's a local Lincolnshire gal so we're already practically best friends) but she really comes into her own in Autumn, you can tell that (much like myself) this season feeds her soul and I'm here for it.

I'm especially hanging off her every word with regards to her "outfit planning" story highlight on instagram and am ready to jump headfirst into Autumn moodboarding (see below!)

(all images above were taken from Charlotte's Instagram.)

3. Motivator

Stalf Shop progress!

We finally got permission to paint the frontage pink, our wholesale stock has all arrived and it's time to start piecing together the final bits of the Stalf-shop puzzle. So happy to be at this point, and even more excited by the prospect of a launch on the horizon.

4. Comfort

Autumn. I know so many of you will be cursing me for this, but mid-August I'm ready for Summer to be over and for the drizzle and darker nights to creep in. I just love how it's the "evening" of the year. Nothing comforts me like the run from September through to Christmas- time to hibernate and get cosy.

Below is a mini mood board for my take on Autumn vibes. I love to layer textures, plenty of Stalf Sweats, cream knits are my fave, especially paired with grey marl and sugary pastels.