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The Love List - August 2021

1. Wearing

Wide Trousers

The last few weeks have felt more Autumn than August. Allow me introduce you to the perfect transitional item and the shape I've been leaning towards more often than not this month.

2. Following

Charlotte Jacklin, especially over on instagram.

I've been following Charlotte for aaaaaages now (she's a local Lincolnshire gal so we're already practically best friends) but she really comes into her own in Autumn, you can tell that (much like myself) this season feeds her soul and I'm here for it.

I'm especially hanging off her every word with regards to her "outfit planning" story highlight on instagram and am ready to jump headfirst into Autumn moodboarding (see below!)

(all images above were taken from Charlotte's Instagram.)

3. Motivator

Stalf Shop progress!

We finally got permission to paint the frontage pink, our wholesale stock has all arrived and it's time to start piecing together the final bits of the Stalf-shop puzzle. So happy to be at this point, and even more excited by the prospect of a launch on the horizon.

4. Comfort

Autumn. I know so many of you will be cursing me for this, but mid-August I'm ready for Summer to be over and for the drizzle and darker nights to creep in. I just love how it's the "evening" of the year. Nothing comforts me like the run from September through to Christmas- time to hibernate and get cosy.

Below is a mini mood board for my take on Autumn vibes. I love to layer textures, plenty of Stalf Sweats, cream knits are my fave, especially paired with grey marl and sugary pastels.

5. View

Having mused over the coming of Autumn up there, now it's time to take a minute to reflect on this Summer (where? when?) For me, this year was the year of the British Staycation, very local, in either mine or my Mum and Dad's garden to be precise. We hired a hot tub, ramped up the cocktail consumption and all took the same 2 weeks off work to spend time together.

6. Indulgence

Night Time Holiday - Wobbly Heart Ring.

I bought myself this beauty earlier in the month and CAN'T WAIT for it to arrive.

(Above images taken from

7. Wisdom

Just before the pandemic whirled us all into lockdown at the beginning of 2020, I turned 30.

I'd just given birth to my second baby, moved business premises, gotten through a Stalf Christmas at 36 weeks pregnant, and I was ready to make a huge promise to myself. I decided 2020 was my year to slow down, to focus inward rather than project outward and to really tune-in to what it was that I really needed to centralise in this next decade of life.

I imagined slowing down, staying still for a while and allowing the dust to settle upon the place that my business, life and parenthood had brought me to and essentially allowing (even looking forward to) a certain predictability to enter my day to day... Covid had other ideas and instead I know for certain that many of you will nod along with me when I say that 2020 was the most testing, unpredictable, nerve-wracking, exhausting learning curve I have ever been on as a person, parent and small business owner.

I've been reflecting on the way I was feeling pre-pandemic just recently, encouraging that dust to settle again, all the while taking stock of what needs to come next. In the face of big life and work changes just recently, I've decided it's time for me to focus inward now.

Essentially, I've been opening myself to the idea that things can move much slower, some things don't even need doing at all (alien concept to me a lot of the time) and most importantly, making space for change to happen. I've begun a list on the notes section of my phone of ways I intend to encourage myself to slow down and tune into what I need each day.

I'll share my list below.

8. Self Care

In case it helps you, heres my list of ways I intend to slow down and tune into what I'm needing day to day. Some of the points are easy to tick off, some I'll find more challenging and will be a long-term goal to move slowly towards.

I'll aim to do 2-3 of these points daily, but even 1 is enough and some days, I'll acknowledge that I can't be bothered to do any at all!

  • Pint of water first thing PRE-COFFEE. Pint of water with lunch and tea. Pint of water before bed.

  • Move my body- walking the dog, a run, pilates, a 5 min stretch session- whatever feels good that day. Prioritise and make time for this.

  • 20 min meditation.

  • Be aware of where in my cycle I am and treat myself with care accordingly. (Week running up to period means only the comfiest of clothes, really great food and acknowledging I'll feel sluggish and irritable. The 1.5 weeks post period means feel good and acknowledge that I feel good, what do I feel good about? Try to own this feeling more. Exercise and get moving.

  • Invest in myself- therapy, facial, a treat, tasty food, a bunch of flowers, exercise- make time for these things.

  • Create space for slow mornings and slow evenings. I know these times are important for me. Do less. Let the laundry pile up. Don't fill this precious time with tasks that can wait.

  • Ask myself at regular intervals (or when I'm feeling overwhelmed) "where exactly, precisely does my focus need to go at this time." What can I let go of or what can wait, to allow this focus to happen.

  • Socialise less and don't feel guilty about it. (I'm an introvert who lives a somewhat extraverted life, and whilst I know that ultimately this won't change, my good friends know this about me and make space for me to say "no." I need to do the same.)

  • Phone downtime between 9pm and 7am. This means no text notifications, no scrolling on apps, no social media, no alarms.

9. Lusting After

I've been recently lusting after a piece of original artwork by artist Emily Powell, I discovered her after she bought a dress from us and have been loving her work ever since.

(Images from Emily Powell Studio instagram.)

10. Grateful for

One word... therapy.

Very grateful for this privilege and the self-awareness I'm slowly beginning to place at my own feet as the pennies start to drop, one by one.

(Artist unknown.)


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