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The Love List - July 2021

1. Wearing

2. Following

I recently discovered @heyimsakina over on Instagram. Her work is gorgeous and thought provoking, and every product she makes is drool-worthy if you're a stationary/print lover.

I love her stories showing how each illustration slowly comes together, her process is hypnotising.

Head over to her website to view everything she currently has available.

(all images above were taken from

3. Motivator

Late June means the arrival of the Rhododendrons in our local woods. There's nothing quite like the thought of jogging on smooth tarmac through curtains of purpley-pink blooms to make me get off the sofa and into my trainers on my day off.

4. Comfort

Sizing up in sweats.

There's only one thing more comfortable than Stalf sweats, and that's Stalf sweats in a size too big. I first discovered when I was 8 months pregnant with my second baby, and never looked back. I now have 50% my usual size sweatpants in my wardrobe, and 50% one size up for the days I need extra comfort.

5. View

My Garden! From mid-May onward, my little cottage garden starts showing off. By mid-July it's in full swing and looking beautiful. I like to pour a cold beer and watch the bees buzzing and my boys playing.