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Stalf is Evolving.

You might have noticed some changes around here. We've evolved the way we work, the way we make, and the way you shop.

From now on, you'll be able to select from the get-go whether you'd like to shop from our Made to Order Range or from stock that's Ready Made.

Each week, we'll replenish our Ready Made section with bestsellers, new styles and limited edition items- all ready to be pressed, packed and sent straight out to you. If you don't see the size/colour/length you're looking for, you can always head over to the Made to Order section of our site and we'll make it for you. You'll also be able to see what Ready Made styles will be launching in the following week(s) and sign up to be notified when the garment you're awaiting has been restocked.

Our Made to Order section is similar to the way we've always worked- you can select from all styles, fabrics, sizes and lengths available and we'll make your Stalf especially for you. In order to reduce our lead times and keep on top of our production schedules, we'll take orders for a monitored number of Made to Order pieces each week, and this will reset each Monday lunchtime.

As always, all Stalf garments are hand cut and made from start to finish under one roof, here at The Pink Studio. All Ready Made and Made to Order items will be available to browse and purchase here in our shop at The Pink Studio, and you'll also be able to see exactly where your Stalf is made.


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