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The Jumpsuit Story...

Our bestseller, the signature STALF piece, and a wardrobe staple- the Cocoon Jumpsuit is everyone's favourite. But have you ever wondered what happens before the Postie knocks? Here's the behind the scenes journey of the Cocoon Jumpsuit...

Inspiration stemmed from traditional workwear, the desire to design a piece with a "one-size-fits-all" and "one-shape-fits-all-occasions" aesthetic... cue the STALF Cocoon Jumpsuit. We put the popularity of the Cocoon Jumpsuit down to the quality of the fabric (each colour dyed and woven at a small, Irish Mill) the simplicity of the shape and construction, and the fact that it's just so damn appropriate- on so many different levels, regardless of age/lifestyle/pregnant/post-partum/casual/smart/evening/you name it.

We sifted through and sampled with so many different fabrics- linens/denims/ twills/cottons. We needed a fabric that would hold the Cocoon shape, and not simply collapse, whilst being soft against the skin and still tough enough to withstand day-to-day wear and tear. BINGO we found our Irish Linen!

Then came the colours, the perfect mix of sweet, pastel tones and sturdy, everyday shades- most are dyed especially for us.

The paper/card patterns took months to develop and fine-tune, a tweak here, more seam-allowance there! Once we had our final shape, Paris and Jade grade each piece by hand. It took numerous toiles (practice attempts made up in calico) to perfect the Jumpsuit’s shape and sizing.

Time to cut the fabric. The card pattern pieces are weighted down (these bricks covered in tape have been with Paris since the brand launched, and we're loathed to replace them with proper weights, much more cost effective anyhow!)

Once cut, it's over to the machinists to turn flat fabric shapes into the finished garment. Our seamstresses have the skills to work on all the machines. Every piece is pinned and finished by hand.

Each Jumpsuit is then quality control checked and each seam is steam pressed for a crisp finish.

Finally the Jumpsuit is meticulously folded, swing-tagged up and wrapped. The addresses are written and the postcards slotted in, ready to leave the studio.

We like to keep it local so we take a daily trip to the Post Office, armed with boxes piled high. From our little pink studio, your FRESH STALF begins its trip home.


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