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Can you believe Devozki is already 3 years old! In that time we have grown to thousands of providers around the world and added many new features and functions. Now, we are releasing one of the biggest upgrades to Devozki since we launched with a whole new front end, allowing us so much more flexibility to add more great features in future! So what have we changed There have been a lot of visible changes with the new Devozki, but also a lot of invisible changes. We've updated the site to have a more modern design and clearer layouts, but we've also improved the speed the site operates at and made search much more flexible. Profile pages give a greater emphasis to your description text, gender, and pronouns, ensuring that the heard work you put into explaining who you are and what you offer is harder to miss or skip. A whole bunch of invisible updates to how the platform works means search results are much faster to load and set the groundwork for expanding how your profile can be found. Loads of pages got a major facelift and updated content, including. Did you know we have an and another focused specifically on sex work. Those pages also got big updates! Photos can finally be rearranged. You've been asking for it and with the new Devozki design we are finally able to deliver it! In the photo management view you can tell us which photos you want to have appear in what order and we'll show that on your profile page. If you don't set anything, we'll show your newest photos first. New homepage featuring sex worker artists by Glasgow escorts You may have noticed the new artwork across the top of the homepage. We have a brand new program starting to support sex worker artists. It's early days, but if you would like to have your work featured or are interested in the program, please reach out to us. Thanks for helping us make Devozki better. We want to thank all of our early testers who gave us some great and often very insightful feedback and helped us really refine the new site. We love hearing from you, so if you have some feedback about the new site, Why did we make these changes We know people hate change, but as the site has grown so have the demands placed on it. To ensure we can keep Devozki working well and bringing you the features you crave we needed to give it a big update. One of the biggest impacts of the new front end is speed. Speed means better performance for users (always nice) but also improvements in how search engines and other sites see Devozki. The new structure makes it easier for us to continue adding features without creating negative performance impacts. It also means we were able to clear out a lot of old structures, making it so much easier for our dev team to keep extending Devozki. When it's easier for developers to add new features, it's easier to bring them to you! In fact, we already have quite a number of features we can't wait to start introducing that were waiting for this improved release. If you're still reading, you're probably hoping for some secret hints about whats next for Devozki hidden at the end of the post, that's usually how these things go, right Well after a short breather and time to ensure that everything is working the way we expect we have a couple initial goals Start working on improvements to the provider dashboard and updating it to better match the new front end. Adding some additional profile options to allow more control over what searches your profile appears for. Work on greater SEO flexibility, especially for category and location pages. After that, who knows If you have some cool ideas and want to share them with us, maybe it will be the next feature we release!

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