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Loose, comfy, non-restrictive fit.

Super-soft, stretchy waistband.

Extra large pockets.

Multi functional product- designed to take you from day to evening, Monday to Sunday, pre-through-to-post-pregnancy, and January to December.

This product also wonderfully accommodates for a growing (and shrinking) baby-bump.


It's REALLY IMPORTANT that you select the correct size for your body. Please take the time to read the "Get Your Fit" section to ensure that you're matched up correctly. 

If in doubt, email us at and we'll be happy to advise.

The Sweatpants - Spearmint (Ready to Dispatch)

£85.00 Regular Price
£59.50Sale Price
  • Ensuring that your Stalf is the correct fit is essential to protecting the longevity of your purchase. 


    The Sweatpants are designed to be worn loose and breezy and should skim the body without feeling tight or restrictive, especially across the hips and bum.

    Small - Will comfortably fit UK sizes 6-8.

    Medium - Will comfortably fit UK sizes 10-12.

    Large - Will comfortably fit UK sizes 14-16.

    X Large - Will comfortably fit UK sizes 18-20.

    XX Large - Will comfortably fit UK sizes 22-24

    With regards to the length of your Sweatpants, we measure from waistband to hem, unrolled. This is because the trousers feature a dropped crotch (so that you can choose to wear on the hips or waist) and so the inside leg measurement on its own  can seem short.


    *NEW FIT*

    We have improved the fit of the Sweatpants, especially around the crotch area. We've added a smooth curve into the waistband to allow a slightly higher rise at the back and a slightly lower rise at the front.



    With regards to the measurements below, please allow a few inches spare across the hips to get the most out of your Sweatpants.



    Waist - 23"

    Hips - 40"

    Overall Length - 39" 



    Waist - 27"

    Hips - 44"

    Overall Length - 40" 



    Waist - 31"

    Hips - 48"

    Overall Length - 41" 



    Waist - 35"

    Hips - 52"

    Overall Length - 42" 



    Waist - 39"

    Hips - 56"

    Overall Length - 43" 


    The above is to be used as a guideline and all of the figures are approximates.

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