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Heavyweight Linen

Loose, comfy, non-restrictive fit.

No waistband.

Extra large pockets.

This product wonderfully accommodates for a growing (and shrinking) baby-bump.

Open front, ideal for breastfeeding.

Multi functional product- designed to take you from day to evening, Monday to Sunday, pre-through-to-post-pregnancy, and January to December.

The Overalls - Ice Cream (Ready Made)

£180.00 Regular Price
£90.00Sale Price
  • The word “sustainable” covers a daunting and complex array of principles. To say a product is or isn’t “sustainable” without elaborating on why and how is simply not good enough. We wanted to dig a little deeper and break down how each of our products measures up when it comes to this umbrella phrase…



    When we design a product, our focus is always on the end user. Not current trends. We take feedback from previous seasons, and slowly evolve our product offering- Stalf is not about a seasonal overhaul of your wardrobe!

    Our pieces often transcend the seasonal weather change, are relevant to women of many different ages and should be adaptable in your wardrobe as you move through various stages of life. The Overalls are designed to take you from day to evening, Monday to Sunday, pre-through-to-post-pregnancy, and January to December.

    We’re always updating the “Wear Stalf” section of our Journal to demonstrate the adaptability and versatility of our garments, take a look for inspiration!



    A beautiful denim-weight linen, this fabric is hardwearing and robust but also drapes like a dream and washes brilliantly.

    Our heavyweight linen is made at a small mill in Ireland.

    40% linen, 60% cotton

    346 gsm / sqm


    A bit about Linen…

    Linen fabric is made from flax, one of the most sustainable raw materials in the world. During growth, the flax plant receives no additional irrigation; rainwater is sufficient.

    During production, every part of the flax plant is used, and there is no waste- every part of the plant not used in the final product is repurposed. 


    Over time, we've found that by including cotton in the fabric content of our linen fabrics (especially heavier weight garments designed for every day use) we dramatically increase the longevity of the product. Here we've chosen a fabric that marries the ethical considerations we find important- traceable, small-scale production and the use of natural fibres- with the durability of a heavy weight linen-cotton mix.


    We save all fabric offcuts and waste scraps generated as a by-product of our process here at the Pink Studio. When we've built up enough quantity, we pay for our scraps to be collected and repurposed by a zero-to-landfill recycling company. Our fabric scraps are sorted, processed and given a new life as brand new products such as cleaning cloths, insulation and seat padding.



    We believe the manufacturing process is something to be valued and shared. The way we work is something we are very proud of.

    Every single one of our garments is researched, designed, hand-cut and made from scratch by Team Stalf, here at our Pink Studio in Lincolnshire, UK.

    We manufacture your order on demand. This keeps waste stock to an absolute minimum and means we only process what we will use.



    Your Stalf garment is packaged and posted to you using minimal packaging.

    We wrap your new pieces in tissue paper and then pop them in a recyclable mail bag along with your order details and a Stalf postcard- if you like our product, perhaps think about passing it on to a family member or friend along with your recommendation.

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