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Ways to Wear - Summer

I know you love to see how to style up your Stalf for the new season. Whether you've treated yourself to some fresh Stalf for the Summer, or are looking to revisit old faithfuls, here Jade and I take you through our favourite ways to wear our Stalf pieces.

Jade and I have polar opposite body shapes, so we think we give a pretty good general overview of how the pieces work for different shapes. For a broader idea of how pieces will fit on different women, take a look at our "Perfect Fit" page.

A little about us...



Size 10-12, slim with long limbs and not much in the way of a waist.

Opts for a Medium in all styles, with plus 2 inches on the leg length.



Size 12-14, petite with a lotta hips and boobs.

Usually opts for a Medium or Large depending on the style, with minus 2 inches off the leg length.

We've sorted our outfit ideas into different occasions to give you a idea of how we'd pull our fave Stalf pieces together for a few Summer instances.

Summer Days

We're thinking general sunny day attire here- picnics, Summer-holiday-days-out, BBQ's, trips to the beach/park.

We picked the Gathered Dress and styled with comfy trainers or sandals and either a small handbag/basket depending on the occasion.

Sizing notes- Paris went for her usual size here (medium) but opted not to have the extra length, to show a little more calf. Jade sized down in this style (Small) to achieve a closer fit all over, but particularly across the bust.

Wedding Season

One of the main causes of outfit-inspiration panic through Summer is Wedding Season. When it comes to an all day do, there's nothing more important than feeling comfortable in your in your choice of outfit... and there's nothing quite like the formality of "wedding guest attire" to make you feel you should pick something that doesn't feel quite "you".

Don't compromise comfort, and instead opt for something you can wear again and again (perhaps something you can easily dress up or down.)

Casual 'do.

We went for the Jumpshorts and styled them with heels and a fancy jacket. Perhaps you already have one in your wardrobe? Or take a look in vintage shops or on sites like Vestaire Collective to pick up something second hand and designer.

More Formal Requirements.

For a more formal occasion, our lightweight linen co-ord is smart, elegant, simple and made from natural linen (so no sweltering in the all-day heat.) Again, simply pair with heels and perhaps a smart clutch or a little sparkle.

Summer in the City.

The Cocoon Trousers and Shorts are the ultimate versatile yet comfy item. Easy to dress up and dress down and the perfect, flexible piece for Summer in the city. If you're heading on a city break, often you want to take as little luggage as possible, and pack only the hardest working items- introducing the Cocoon Trousers/Shorts.

We opted for our limited edition "Dash Dash" version of the Cocoons, but the Cocoon trousers available in Stalf Originals are the same shape and give the same cool versatility.

The Cocoon Shorts are another super easy piece to style depending on your occasion. Personally I love dressing my black shorts up- with bare legs and a heel in Summer, and with tights in the Winter- such a versatile piece that's comfy but really helps you feel effortlessly well put together. Whether you're dressing them up or down, the Cocoon Shorts are a perfect match for our Gathered Tee (pictured here on Jade and I.)


A Jumpsuit really is the ultimate festival piece- super comfy, one item does it all, and no uncomfortable waistbands to get in the way of you letting loose!

We recommend our Overalls if the weather forecast is looking a little scary, and the Cocoon Jumpsuit for a does-it-all garment you can count on whatever the weather!

Pair with your old faithful boots, trainers or sandals (if you're feeling optimistic) your fave sunnies and maybe a Stalf Sweatshirt to layer over once the sun goes down.

A note on Jade's Cocoon Jumpsuits...

Jade is a size 12-14 and can opt for a medium or large Jumpsuit depending on the type of look she's after. The Cocoon Jumpsuit is perfect to size up or down to get a different look, and this shoot was the perfect opportunity to demonstrate the way sizing up or down fits.

First up, Jade went for the Parma Violet and sized down to a medium (-2" leg length.) The shape is a closer fit across the hips and bust, with a much more tapered look.

In Steel, Jade opted to size up to a large (still -2" leg length) for a more comfy, pared-down and easy look. The fit is looser in general, especially across the hips and through the legs.


Through Winter, our knitted pieces were super popular- we had so many of you calling for Summer versions. We managed to source a gorgeous, British woven cotton yarn and have been working on some new styles for Summer. They launch on 14th June over at Stalf Dreams.

This knit co-ord dress and jumper is perfect for holiday. The dress is sightly sheer- perfect for the beach over a bikini (or layered over a slip for when you're back at home.)

The matching Knit Jumper is another really easy Stalf piece. Try it over the coordinating dress, your Cocoon Jumpsuit/Cocoon Trousers, or even just with your fave denim shorts through Summer.

... I'm also just including the Gathered Dress again here as I LIVED IN IT on my recent holiday.


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