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Ways to Wear - Autumn/Winter

We know you love to see how we style our Stalf. Here Paris and Jade take you through their favourite ways to wear their Stalf pieces throughout Autumn and Winter.

Paris and Jade both have polar opposite body shapes, so this helps give a pretty good general overview of how the pieces work for different shapes. For a broader idea of how pieces will fit on different women, take a look at our "Perfect Fit" page.

A little about us...



Size 10-12, slim with long limbs and not much in the way of a waist.

Opts for a Medium in all styles, with plus 2 inches on the leg length.

At the time these photographs were taken Paris was 23 weeks pregnant and wearing her usual size.



Size 12-14, petite with a lotta hips and boobs.

Usually opts for a Medium or Large depending on the style, with minus 2 inches off the leg length.

Paris and Jade's outfit ideas have been separated into different occasions to give you a idea of how they'd pull their fave Stalf pieces together for a few Wintry instances.

Busy Saturday

Paris and Jade picked this look with a busy Saturday running errands in mind. Shopping to do? Dog to walk? Maybe a kids party or two to taxi? The Overshirt covers all bases and when it's paired with Stalf Sweatpants and your favourite trainers, you've a comfortable match made in heaven.


Overshirt, Stalf

Sweatpants, Stalf

Jade's Trainers, Northern Cobbler

Paris' Trainers, Vans

Sizing notes- Paris went for her usual size here (medium plus 2"). Jade went for a medium and chose to go for standard length in the sweatpants to show a little less ankle in the colder weather.

Winter/Christmas Party

Paris and Jade picked this look mindful that wintry party season is right around the corner. They wanted to show you how to style your Stalf for a fancy Christmas party, or just going 'out-out' with pals. Paris and Jade both went for a comfortable co-ord, the overshirt and shorts make a perfect 'going out-out' outfit paired with heels and lots of Daniella Draper gold to perfectly match our Olive colour way. The Tie top and Midi skirt co-ord shows just the right amount of skin, (but can also be worn looser with a nice cami underneath if you prefer.) The charcoal colour is perfect to dress up on wintry evenings.


Overshirt, Stalf

Cocoon Shorts, Stalf

Tie Top, Stalf

Midi Skirt, Stalf

Heels, Model's own

Sizing notes- Paris went for her usual size here (medium) in both the Overshirt and the Cocoon Shorts. Jade went for a medium in the Tie Top and Midi Skirt.


With Halloween and the dark nights fast on the way and after being invited to quite a few Halloween/Autumnal occasions this October, Paris and Jade decided to give you some examples of Halloween appropriate outfits, for when you want to join in but aren't so keen on 'mean girls' vibes and Pennywise just isn't your style icon. Paris went for the Jumpshorts, which are perfect to dress up with heels, and paired them with a black long sleeved tee she already owned. Jade opted for the Jumpsuit paired with strappy sandals.


Jumpshorts, Stalf

Jumpsuit, Stalf

Paris's heels, Prada

Jade's heels, By Far

Sizing notes- Paris went for medium standard in the Jumpshorts and Jade went for a medium rather than a large in the Jumpsuit, for a closer, more tapered look.

Wintry Weekend Away

If you're heading on a wintry city break, often you want to take as little luggage as possible, and pack only the hardest working items- introducing the Gathered dress. It's perfect to layer- the new shorter length makes it perfect to pair with tights and boots or your most comfortable trainers (perfect for wandering round Christmas markets). The Check fabric is super soft, comfortable and just the right thickness for a winter dress. Paris couldn't decide if she preferred this dress paired with tights or jeans for Autumn/Winter, so decided to show you both! Jade went for thick black tights and her trusty Dr Marten boots.


Gathered Dress, Stalf

Paris's trainers, Vans

Jade's boots, Dr Martens

Sizing notes- Paris's dress is medium with standard length to show a little more leg. Jade sized down to a small to achieve a closer fit all over, but particularly across the bust and opted for the minus 2" length.

Work Wear

If you need a little bit of workwear inspiration or you feel stuck in a work-clothes rut. We've kept our selection neutral to apply to multiple work disciplines and dress codes. But the principle is always the same- comfort is key! All of our pieces have a minimal, crisp finish and are made from high quality fabrics- this keeps the overall look smart, even when the fit is relaxed- the Overalls are perfect workwear attire for this exact reason. Paired with a Lazy Vest (these two items are a match made in heaven!) which just sits at the right length for it to not ride up and a pair of heeled boots or Doc Martens.


Overalls, Stalf

Lazy Vest, Stalf,

Paris' heels, By Far

Jade's Boots, Dr Martens

Sizing notes-

Paris and Jade both opted for a medium in both the Lazy Vest and Overalls, Paris with extra length on the leg and Jade with minus length on the leg.


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