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The Love List - September 2021

1. Wearing

Sugary Sweet combos.

I've been really enjoying pastel clashes of late. Bubblegum with vibrant mint, dusty rose with soft greys, lilac with sugary pink.

2. Following

Co star Astrology on Instagram.

I'm going to lay it out, I'm all for a bit of woo woo. Who am I kidding, I'm a Pisces sun, Cancer moon, Capricorn rising and I am here for the dreamy predictions, journaling to my heart's content whilst manifesting to the new/full moon, surrounded by a mountain of crystals. Yes, it's true.

My dad had his cards read years ago and it's all come true. Yikes!

A new friend of mine on Instagram @keribainborough practices Human Design, and I am so ready to book a reading.

My sisters and I have a group chat, and these are our most shared type of post. Can't get enough, quite frankly. Some of you MUST be with me on the woo woo? Amiright?

(all images above were taken from costar instagram.)

3. Motivator

Organisation x100%.

The shop stock is building up, wholesale products accounted for and organised, stock cupboard brimmed, fabrics ordered and stocked on the site and we know EXACTLY where we are right now- feels really good. But the main reason I'm feeling so organised is the C word- Christmas.

It's end of September as I type this, and we are already WELL into Christmas prep here. Being a made-to-order business model, we're all topsy turvy compared to standard retail and December is actually a pretty scary month to make the books balance. Every year is a fine coordination of taking orders right up to the very limit of our turnaround time ( and testing my nerves to the max) without ending up overstretching staff or conversely, twiddling our thumbs come 20th December and the day of the last post. It's a fine line, and one I'm super-prepped and ready to walk this year!

Our Christmas fabric deliveries are imminent, our plan for the next three months is intricate and on track, and I am excited for this next period. Bring it on!

4. Comfort

Darker nights, darker mornings, heating on, more layers, cold weather. Controversial, I know.

5. View

Behind the scenes on this season's shoot...

It felt so special to pull our team together again. Even though our usual photographer ( ) couldn't be with us (cheers covid!) we found someone brilliant to step into her shoes ( and a gorgeous day was had by all.

6. Indulgence

Pretty jewellery from gorgeous independents. I'm actually always on the hunt for gorgeous jewellery. Jewellery, knitwear and socks (random?) are the things I find it hard to say "no" to.

Jewellery pictured-

Blue Aquamarine padlock necklace-

Pale mint Amazonite necklace- found at a market in Mallorca (sorry!)

Wobbly Heart Ring -

Chrysoprase Mood Ring -

7. Wisdom

My babies being themselves.

I was recently in Tescos, down the toys aisle looking at the Barbies with my eldest son. He was taking his sweet time weighing up all the different options for his treat. Dolls are his favourite, he won't even look elsewhere in the shop, not seriously anyway- it's always a doll for him.

Every now and again he'd pick up one of the larger, more extravagant boxes and, one eyebrow raised as he looked up at me, he'd ask "do I have enough money for this one?" He doesn't really mind what the answer is to this question, he's in it for the browsing almost as much as the buying (just like his mum!)

Anyway, this particular afternoon another mother walked by us with three blonde boys in tow. One lingered just next to Jude and I, eyeing up the pink selection in front of him as his mum and brothers carried on by. She promptly stopped, turned around and (very audibly) said "Come on, dolls aren't for boys, you don't want to be looking at these!"

I have some knee jerk reactions and also some more reflective thoughts and emotions on this topic. As the mother of two young boys, a woman who has experienced the shitty side of the male gaze on many an occasion, and a person still stunned in anger amidst the backdrop of horrific abuses of power we see daily in our society, I really feel these experiences are linked. Telling boys how they must be, isolating them from what feels good to them if we deem it "inappropriate". Behaviours, tendencies, products, play and expression... censored. Is all this potentially linked to lacking in empathy, respect, sensitivity, joyful expression, acceptance of others in later life.

My Dad is an Architect. He once told me that when he was young, he always wanted to go play in the wendy house with the girls, but that he knew he just couldn't. That still strikes me as simply sad. When I've chatted on this topic to other cis male family members and friends, many of them say they had a particular moment where they realised they became aware some of their choices or behaviours made them feel uncomfortable in certain people's company, or perhaps it's that other people felt uncomfortable in their company, a perpetual cycle?

I think at this point this "Wisdom" is quickly moving away from succinct and concise and entering the realm of wild ramblings of the passionate mother, but I'm going to let it stay there. I'm probably going to revisit this topic more times in the future as I'm presented with ever more ridiculous instances where my babes see others who can't just be who they are, or who they choose to be.


8. Self Care

Running. But only when I can, only when it feels good, and learning not to over do it... and feeling good about my choice.

Harder than it looks, but muuuch more comforting on the mind than you might think.

9. Lusting After

Quilted jacket. Not found the right one from an independent. Making one myself. Ordered the fabric. Like the fabric. Here the story is paused... pictures pending, not sure when.

10. Grateful for

My sister number three, but more specifically, my sister's birthday... an excuse to all get together with yummy food and the fact that she makes a banging Sgroppino -

Generous tot of Vodka

Big spoonful of Raspberry Sorbet. (Would also be great with citrus or mint, I'd imagine)

Top up with Prosecco.

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