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Newbie in the Wardrobe...Battenberg!

When I'm considering adding another Stalf piece to my wardrobe (believe me, the temptation is endless!) I have a checklist I run through in my mind, just to make sure that this new addition is going to play well with my existing wardrobe, and to make sure it's going to work hard for me.

Here're my wardrobe newbie rules, maybe they'll help you with ways to get your existing Stalf multi-tasking, or perhaps they'll inspire you to create your own set of rules.

This month, I've taken home the Battenberg Curve Dress. I also love my Battenberg Trousers. Here's how both items measured up to my spec.

Dress Down.

I have a policy of not saving anything for best, so it's important to me that a new addition can be easily and comfortably dressed down for work or weekend.


Battenberg Curve Dress, Stalf

Black Platform Trainers, Vans

Grey Hoodie, Everlane

Socks, Solmate

Silver Bag, Tiba & Marl

Dress Up.

I love to get my glad-rags on as much as the next person. Items in my wardrobe should be versatile enough that I can make them feel special with some clever styling. (I'd allow sweats and some knits to be exempt from this clause, but it's amazing how well a pair of sweatpants can be styled up for something special.)


Battenberg Curve Dress, Stalf

Black Tights, Dear Denier

Recycled Polyester Bag, Vivienne Westwood

Black Heels, Prada

Beaded Necklace, Jia Jia

Gold Necklace, Danielle Gerber


Here in England, the weather plays tricks on us regardless of the month, but I'm loathe to think of my new Stalf hanging lifeless in my wardrobe for half the year, so seasonal versatility is really important. For winter, I'm looking to layer, add boots and a coat, warm accessories and perhaps the rain/mud test for certain items.


Battenberg Curve Dress, Stalf

Grey Tights, Falke

Grey Tee, Everlane

Beanie Hat, Everlane

Cream Knit, Almada


Similar to the above, but flipped on its head. In Summer, I want my garment to take on a new lease of life, fresh, floaty and uplifting, it should work well with sandals and trainers, on the beach and in the garden.


Battenberg Curve Dress, Stalf

Black Sandals, Grenson

Pink Shirt, Everlane


Aside from making sure a new garment works for a multitude of occasions all year round, I also have a couple of looser and broader rules...

Print & Colour.

I love print and colour, and whilst I lean into black and neutrals at certain times of the year, I get so much joy and pleasure from playing with colour and print combinations. A new purchase should mix and match well with my fave stand-out pieces already in my wardrobe.


Bag, Baggu

Beanie Hat, Acne

Jacket, Dilli Grey

Socks, Baggu


I need a newbie to work well with the four main categories- Trainers, Boots, Sandals and Heels.


Battenberg Curve Dress, Stalf

Hi Top Trainers, Adidas

Flat Sandals, Grenson

Heeled Sandals, Prada

Platform Trainers, Vans




I will have more ideas with how to combine my clothes thanks to your suggestions. Thanks for sharing it. foodle



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