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Behind The Scenes - Autumn Campaign 2019

Autumn 2019 was shot at a busy farm about 30 mins down the road from the pink studio.

We arrived at the farm (flustered and late) after a slight altercation with a closed country road and a trip cross-country through the woods involving multiple potholes and a 10mph speed limit added an extra 30 mins to the journey.

Elizabeth (@pinkfeetpotography) our photographer, once again effortlessly made our vision come to life!

We were fortunate enough to have organised the shoot on the most beautiful sunny day - it made a refreshing change to have our model 'thinking cold thoughts' as opposed to shooting accompanied by the refrain 'think WARM!!" and a mountain of coats and blankets stacked just out of shot.

Meg (@meglindlowmua) our fave make up artist/hairstylist/general shoot day godsend made our lovely machinist-turned-model Em (@emmclaarke) look as amazing as ever.

Enjoy this behind the scenes glimpse, and view the full campaign HERE.

Quick make-up top up in the boot.

Model behaviour!

We met the CUTEST farm pup, Bertie, who stole the show (sorry Em!)

Jade 'helping' (read generally hurling items of clothing in Em's direction and tripping her up) Em change in the cow shed.

Paris demonstes the niche art of posing with a petrol pump.

The 'how to walk in heels' pep talk by Paris.

'This is how you do it...'

Who knows??


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