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Ways to Wear- Autumn/Winter

We know you all love to see styling inspiration for your STALF, especially on different body shapes so we've pulled together a few of our fave looks from the new Autumn Collection and shown you how they look on two women with totally different figures.

A little about us...



Size 12-14, petite and curvy with hips and boobs.

Usually opts for a Medium or Large depending on the style, with minus 2 inches off the leg length.



Size 10-12, slim with long limbs and not much of a waist.

Opts for a Medium in all styles, with plus 2 inches on the leg length.


We've picked this look with a busy Saturday running errands in mind. Shopping to do? Dog to walk? Maybe a kids party or two to taxi? The Overalls cover all bases and when they're paired with our Lazy Vest and your favourite trainers, you've a comfortable match made in heaven.

The Overalls come up slightly bigger than our Cocoon Jumpsuits, size down for a closer fit, or stick with your usual size for the classic STALF oversized look.

Jade wears a medium standard length here. Paris wears a medium plus 2 inch leg length. Both wear medium vests.

A little feedback from us-

Paris " My favourite thing about the Overalls is the sheer ease of them. No thought has to go into putting together an outfit whatsoever. I'm comfy all day (no waistband - extra points!) and they're surprisingly warm and easy to layer as the weather turns chilly. I also just feel like they're a really cool, effortless garment, minimal dressing at its finest!"

Jade "The Overalls are amazing because they're not restrictive, I don't have to worry about whether or not it will be too tight on my boobs, and I like that it's a larger fit and that I'm so comfortable all day yet I still look put together and stylish. The Lazy Vest is my staple STALF item, I love wearing a vest and the STALF one is especially good because it's that bit longer and it doesn't ride up (which makes it perfect for wearing underneath the overalls.)"


Overalls, STALF

Lazy Vest, STALF

Jewellery, Daniella Draper

Jade's Trainers, Vans

Paris' Trainers, Converse

Organic Wide Jumpsuit.

This outfit says "weekend chill." Whatever form that manifests itself in for you. The Wide Jumpsuit is made from soft, organic knit and is cut for comfort- loose over the stomach, skims the hips and A-line to the floor. This piece is great worn alone or layered up for cosy comfort.

The Wide Jumpsuit fits true to size, but thanks to the super-soft knit, you can easily size down for a more streamlined look and a closer fit through the body in this style. Both Paris and Jade wear a medium here, but Paris opted to add 2 inches to the length, whilst Jade took 2 inches off the leg.

A little feedback from us-

Paris- "Before I wore the STALF Wide Jumpsuit, I would NEVER have chosen a shape like this for me- I am top heavy and have no hips really, so I was scared that it'd look shapeless on me- not so! The fabric sits close to the skin, but it skims rather than clings, so across my hips, bum and boobs I actually feel super feminine and curvy (bonus!) The extra length in the leg is a must for me with this one- not too much ankle for autumn please!"

Jade- "The Wide Jumpsuit + Close Tee combo suits me so well as I love showing off my curves without wearing anything tight or uncomfortable, I'm conscious of my arms so wearing the Close Tee underneath means that I get the best of both worlds. The Close Tee finishes just above my elbow which I think is a very feminine cut.


Organic Wide Jumpsuit, STALF

Lazy Vest, STALF

Close Tee, STALF

Both Trainers, Converse

Jewellery, Daniella Draper

Black Cocoon Shorts.

The Cocoon Shorts in Black are a true wardrobe chameleon. They work perfectly through the day for Summer or Winter (pair with black tights and brogues/boots for workdays or trainers at the weekend) but we wanted to show you how to dress them up.

Jade's worn hers high on the waist and paired with black tights and a lace body whilst Paris wears hers lower on the hips and paired with the matching Jacket as a co-ord. Any top would sit well with this combo, but with Christmas Party season right around the corner, we turned the sparkle up a notch.

Both Paris and Jade wear a medium standard Cocoon Shorts here. Paris wears a medium Jacket.

A little feedback from us-

Paris- "I'm much more of a shorts girl rather than skirt fan when I want to show a little leg or dress up for an occasion. I feel comfortable in shorts in general so any excuse to wear them when I'm heading "out-out" gets my vote. I love the co-ord vibe with this outfit, I feel well put together, comfy and with a change of top, this outfit is appropriate for soooo many occasions!"

Jade- "The Black Shorts are my most versatile STALF item. I pair them with tights and boots, heels, trainers, a bodysuit, a strappy cami or a sweatshirt. They're a perfect option not only for their versatility but also the fit- they're not too short, they don't ride up your bum and equally they're not long or baggy."


Cocoon Shorts, STALF

Jewellery, Daniella Draper

Jade's Top and Boots, model's own

Paris' Top, Rosa Bloom

A couple of combinations for work...

Work, work, work! Sometimes you need a little inspiration if you feel stuck in a work-clothes rut. We've kept our selection neutral to apply to multiple work disciplines and dress codes, but the principle is always the same- comfort is key! All of our pieces have a minimal, crisp finish and are made from high quality fabrics- this keeps the overall look smart, even when the fit is relaxed.

Look 1.

Cocoon Trousers really are a no-brainer. They work for any occasion. We mean that. We've dressed them up, scruffed them down, but they really come into their own as a core, day-to-day staple. That piece that you pull out and go back to time and time again. Paired with the Organic funnel Sweater, the overall look is cosy (ohhh so cosy!) comfy, super-easy, minimal and relaxed yet smart ... everything the STALF gal is looking for.

Both Paris and Jade wear a medium here. Paris opts for plus 2 inches length (note the trousers are worn rolled up here) and Jade goes for minus 2 inches off the length.

A little feedback from us-

Paris- "I'd say I probably wear Cocoon Trousers 5/7 days a week . I LOVE THEM. They tick all the boxes for me, and black is my all-time favourite colourway- goes with anything, withstands the daily messiness and general chaos of life with an 11 month old and is a true staple. When I'm wearing my beloved Cocoons I feel well put together and never scruffy. The pockets are also worth a mention, I can comfortably fit keys/purse/large iPhone/dummy with no fear anything will work its way back out."

Jade- "Again, this combination is the best of both worlds, feeling comfy but looking like I've made an effort is something I look for in an outfit. I can't think of an occasion where I wouldn't consider wearing my Black Cocoons, the waistband is the best part, all the guilt free cake!"


Cocoon Trousers, STALF

Organic Funnel Sweater, STALF

Paris' Shoes, Dr Martens

Jade's Boots, model's own

Look 2.

This look plays with proportions. Our Close-fit Tee sits close to the skin and is super-soft and warm- the perfect base layer. Paired with the Midi-Skirt, you have a really feminine, beautiful combo that doesn't feel too girly but gives you just the right amount of "swish."

Both Paris and Jade wear a medium standard length Midi Skirt here with a medium Close Tee.

A little feedback from us-

Paris- "I have a few Midi Skirts now, I wore them all the way through my pregnancy and they've stayed a firm favourite since. I wear a pastel shade through Summer, and my Checked version sees me though Autumn, but after this shoot, the black is the one that's going to see me through Winter. I love how easily it can be dressed up or down. Usually I'd pair with a loose top, but I love how the Close Tee/Midi Skirt combo makes me feel- like I have a waist!!"

Jade- "As a girl with hips I honestly would never have gone for a Midi Skirt, I told myself that it wouldn't suit me and that was that. Until recently I tried it on and (not to blow my own trumpet) it looked fab! It skimmed past my hips and didn't actually make them appear bigger which I assumed they would. I felt just the right amount of girly with all the comfort and style of the cocoon trousers. Paired together with the close tee accentuates my waist and shows off all my 'good bits!' "


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