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Preggo Shoot with Megan Gisborne

I always knew that I wanted the STALF wardrobe to be simple and minimal, to work hard, to be versatile. I always wanted the pieces to be trans-seasonal, and to be appropriate regardless of age, shape, size or lifestyle. One thing I never anticipated when I launched STALF was how appropriate our pieces would be for the changing body of a pregnant female.

Not long after I launched the first Cocoon Jumpsuit, the enquiries started coming in from expectant mothers, and soon after, the orders followed. I was pretty taken aback by this twist- it had never occurred to me that I could have inadvertently (accidentally?!) designed a maternity-appropriate collection.

Nevertheless, the proof is in the pud, and when I found out that I was expecting at the beginning of the year, my STALF wardrobe was put to the preggo test. I have to say, in all honesty, that I've bought only one item of maternity-specific clothing- the essential stretchy skinny jean. Apart from that, my Cocoon Trousers were good until the 34 week mark, I squeezed into my Jumpsuit for slightly longer, and I'm still wearing all my STALF Tees and Jumpers well into week 37.

We decided to take advantage of my growing baby bump and demonstrate how bloody marvellous STALF looks (and FEELS) on a pregnant woman. We teamed up with super-mega-talented photographer Meg Gisborne (I think you'll agree these shots are BEAUTIFUL without being the classic cheesy bump shots!) I knew as soon as I saw her work that she would understand the STALF aesthetic and my no-cheese-please remit. So we packed up my picks from the Autumn Collection, I slapped on some make-up and we headed to the pastel streets of Notting Hill.


All pieces are available in the new Autumn Collection.

All photography (except behind the scenes shots) by Megan Gisborne.

Behind the scenes.


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