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Doing Goods

Doing Goods is a brand I’ve loved for a long time. I bought a couple of their rugs pre-Brexit when there was no import duty and have loved them ever since.

All of their items are “handmade with patience and love for the artisanal craft”

in their own workshops in India. They have so much information and plenty of images over on their site about how their products are made. I love that their focus is on the end product but also is a celebration of both the people who make the product, and the artisanal craftmanship (that’s often been) passed down through generations.


My favorite items are the Pinky Leopard rugs (I have two in my own home) and the brass card holders- multifunctional and the perfect, easy alternative to picture frames.

Stalf Journal

Be inspired by all things Stalf- Take a look behind-the-scenes, browse our fave styling suggestions and our fave indie brands to complement your Stalf. 

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