Resuming production at the Pink Studio - how we intend to move forward.

Resuming production at the Pink Studio,

a message from Paris (Owner and Designer.)

Your patience and support has been truly tremendous through this time, thank you!

I’ve personally spoken to all my staff (via phone!) to make sure they’re comfortable returning to the studio to work.

Please be assured that the safety and happiness of my employees is paramount to any changes we make and no member of staff will EVER be expected to do anything they’re not comfortable with- that’s not how we operate and never will be.

This principle is important in, but not limited to global pandemic conditions, and it’s my hope that more workplaces will draw on the flexibility and potential for empathy that this pandemic has opened up to us, in order to keep improving their own employee happiness and satisfaction feedback.

From June 1st,

we are hoping to be able to resume production at the Pink Studio and therefore will be able to resume a normal dispatch schedule.

We anticipate between 1-2 week backlog in order to get back up to speed,

and will display our current dispatch times at the top of every page of the site.

Our team is following government guidance and our own studio-specific risk assessment in order to continue working towards containing the spread of the virus.

I hope you’re all staying safe and keeping happy!

Paris ♥️