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The Love Lists.

Taking a look at life recently,

what I've been appreciating,

reflecting on and learning...

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Im Paris, Owner and Designer. It's my job to dream up the magic here at Stalf and The Pink Studio, and to make sure my team are happy.

This is my corner of the site, a space to share all my personal thoughts with you.

My favourite Stalf pieces, how I'll wear them, what's going on in the wider Stalf world and the things I've been musing over lately. 


Stalf - My Current Favourites

I grew up in the Lincolnshire countryside. In my early 20's I moved to London to study Fashion Design and follow my dreams.

The fashion industry was not the same as I imagined- I was underwhelmed and disconnected. I felt like it was all frivolous and shallow, (which, when I was younger, thought I wouldn't mind or might even enjoy) but underneath all the froth it was also intrinsically flawed, unsustainable and unfair. I relocated back home via a string of internships and placements, some I loved, some I loathed. I learned from them all.


I moved back to Lincolnshire, and began working on Stalf as a way to restore my fascination with fashion and the creativity of an industry I'd fallen out of love with. I wanted to slow down, back in the sleepy Lincolnshire Wolds and away from the fast pace of London, I began to feel like myself again.

I wanted to think about the process of fashion, and connect with how clothing is made,  and by whom- at this time most of us never questioned the backstory.

Now, a few years along the journey, and with a strong beginning to the brand, my design focus is rooted not in what is popular this season, but the women who are buying my clothes... What do they do in them? How do they feel in them? ​

I make clothes that women can live in everyday, with a team who cares in the same way I do, all the while sharing our process.