Age 34

UK Size 14



Stalf Size


+2" Body Length

"When I've got my Stalf on, I feel like I've got my sh*t together. It has an air of effortless cool about it, and that totally translates into how I handle myself when I'm wearing it. It's my go-to clothing for work, for travel, for the endless hospital trips/stays I have to make, and when I get home and can finally relax, I never feel the urge to change into something more comfy – there IS nothing more comfy!

You put one item of clothing on, and that’s it, you're dressed! It takes ZERO thought, which is a godsend when I'm trying to herd my four year old out of the house in a morning. Even the separates can be mixed and matched together so well; the whole collection is genius.

I love what Stalf is about, and what Paris stands for; the brand has definitely made me more mindful of 'fast fashion', and purchases I make these days are more considered as a result. I feel proud to wear the label every time I put it on, and the clothing garners compliments from such a wide age range – I've had 8 year olds and 80 years olds tell me they love my jumpsuits. Paris and Jade are both an absolute joy, they're genuinely lovely girls and I'm so glad to know them and support them."

The Cocoon Jumpsuit