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The JOURNAL has moved (and has a whole new feel!)


I’m Paris, I’ve spent the last 8 years moulding, shaping and growing my independent fashion brand, Stalf. 

As you probably already know, we handmake clothing from start to finish, all under one roof here at The Pink Studio in Lincolnshire, UK.



That’s me, Paris, walking the walk, looking sufficiently boss-lady-like, running The Pink Studio.


We’ve always had a pink studio. We’ve gone from the Little Pink Studio, to the Medium-sized Pink Studio, and now that we’ve found our forever-home it’s just THE Pink Studio (no size-specific descriptor.)


The Pink Studio in Lincolnshire, UK. Home of the Cocoon Jumpsuit and all things Stalf!


Why the Change?


Over the years, I’ve turned the personal aspects of my life that I share with the world via Stalf up to a 10 and down to a 0, and mulled it over every which way to decide how to blend and share the different ingredients of my life in a way that feels comfortable.

When I had my first child, I went into super-protective mode and stopped sharing anything of my personal life across the platform(s) of my business. Over the years I’ve experimented with weaving the threads of motherhood and life beyond Stalf into my work and never quite felt I hit the right balance. But the fact remains- as a micro-business, me, myself and the way I live my life are some of the main dictators and driving forces behind Stalf. Even as I type right now, I’m playing an annoying game of peer-round-the-toddler’s head whilst he ricochets up and down on my knee and I hit the keys and hope for the best.

Stalf is a part of me, has been for 11 years, and every time I switch back to keeping my “other life” separate, just as quickly I find myself drawn toward finding a way to bring all the threads together again- perhaps I just hadn’t found the right platform… until now! From now on you can read all things Stalf and (crucially) beyond over at my new platform Beyond The Pink Studio over on Substack.







































Pictorial representation of “the threads”.

So, what’s the chat over there on Substack?


For those of you who have followed Stalf for many-a-year, both here and over on other social media platforms, you may have already caught the odd glimpse of what lays beyond The Pink Studio.

Over on substack is where I’ll share that type of content, consistently.

You can expect style, yes. Stalf, yes. All the stuff I’ve been loving and brands I’ve been championing, yes. Chat and thoughts from the owner of a small indie fashion brand, yes.

But also the honest and vulnerable musings from a woman, business owner and mother who’s blending it all together as she goes.

Here’s how it’ll work.

If this sounds like something you’re interested in following along for, you can subscribe to “Beyond The Pink Studio”. There are two types of subscription, one is free, one is the cost of a large glass of wine.

You get different bangs for your buck and I’ve outlined each over on Substack.



To find out what lays beyond The Pink Studio...

(You can still view archived posts from the old JOURNAL below.)

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